Blizzard Warning


Please be advised that a major BLIZZARD will be moving into our area beginning Monday afternoon, January 26th Heavy snow is projected to affect our area until Tuesday night, January 27th This storm carries with it strong winds and will result in a significant accumulation of snow.

Residents are urged to follow the following safety procedures:

 Do not use your stovetop or oven as a heat source and do not burn candles for heat.

 Never leave items unattended in the stove.

 Lock your windows and remove any furniture and personal belonging from your balconies. Strong winds may cause non secured items to become airborne creating a safety risk for our community.

 If you need assistance, with securing your windows or with the removal of balcony items, please contact your Doorman and provide your apartment # and a building staff person will be sent to assist you.

 Parking will not be permitted in the ring roads until all clean- up efforts have been completed. We must keep the ring road clear of all vehicles in order to enable snow plowing and cleaning activities to continue uninterrupted.

Thank you for your kind cooperation